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A tough match for the ages: Asian Men’s Club Volleyball C’ship 2019.

It was a defining moment on the Men’s Volleyball championship, the teams were high on spirits and ready to give the best from themselves, they showed how they scored previous matches to be here.

At the defining moment where they could be facing each other, representing their country and playing amongst the very best from each team.

Chennai Spartans one of the best teams out there cruised to quarterfinals without a whim of bother, this united team has been excelling where others team’s are lacking securing titles after titles.

Staying together as a team and working along the way to win as many matches as they can, this time at the very end the team were not able to succeed as with previous matches.


Excitement all around was transpiring on the semi final match, people and families alike were rooting for their beloved team. This match being between the Chennai Spartans and Iranians Shahrdari Varamin who fought until the very end to win this ferocious match

The match ended 4-1, the Shahrdari Varamin were ferocious on this match, they won this time but Chennai Spartans were not one to get their mood low with this defeat, being one of the most beloved teams out there.

Everyone was high on spirits at the match, held on Taipei the testosterone was high and the anticipation to take the big trophy were higher among the team and their supporters, the tie between the two teams was ferocious.

At the start seemed like the winning team was Chennai Spartans, yet the end of the match was a rotund tie between the two teams: 23-25, 22-25, 25-22, 25-27.

Of course both teams gave the very best from themselves, the coach from Shahrdari Varamin was interviewed about the match stating that:

“For instance, in the second set when we were leading 9-5, we let them secure four points and draw level 9-9 because of reception errors,” M.H. Kumara said.


No doubt both teams were up for the match with no other thing in their minds but to win, there was even tones about unfair referee,

“They referred for antenna touch. And from the video replays it was clear that the ball hadn’t touched the antenna. But the point was given to them.”

There was doubt amongst the losing side about the opponent’s win, but they made sure to note and realize what their strengths were, and think about fixing them.

The team is hard working and must not let themselves be put down for this, they can learn from their weakness and where to put the hard work next time.

“Reception, setting and blocking are to be improved”. The team can not be any more stoked about their performance being the very first Indian team that’s ever played on the semi-finals.

After defeating the Vietnamese team Ho Chi Min City, the team went straight away to the semi final, both teams had their best player facing each other. Spartans had Naveen Raja Jacob as their strongest player, while the losing team shone with theirs, Nguyen Van Hanh.

It seems like this was not enough to get the win, but the team is happy with their results and eager to learn how to improve and be better for the next match.

Still this is a big win for the team, they just made history with their strength and tenacious virtue, they will historically hold the award of being the first Indian team to get into the semi-finals.