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Both Bahrain and Iran clinched their second win

Press conference of Iran and Indonesia after second match in second day

Tehran, Iran, September 12, 2013 – Two western Asian teams (Bahrain and host Iran) continued their good performance and clinched their second win against Pakistan and Indonesia on the second day of the Asian Men’s Qualification Tournament Final pool B. The only ticket to the 2014 World Championship will be decided tomorrow between Bahrain and host Iran.

Bahrain takes straight win against Pakistan (25-22, 25-23 25-22)

Bahrain took the game control immediately and built a firm-leading jump by good services and harsh spikes. Pakistan took a time out at 8-12 behind. However Bahrain won seven more points to direct the first set to19-14. Pakistan had problems in piercing through Bahrain’s blockings, and could not gain points even from triple blocks. Bahrain easily guided to set victory 25-22.

In the second set, Pakistan combined up its ability to read Bahrain’s blockings and started to find striking spaces for spiking his balls. And the team managed better during interchanges. So they were behind just one point 5-6 in the beginning. Bahrain tried to leave behind Pakistan with their good blockings, and they almost did it at the first and second technical timeout with 8-5 and 16-12. However, Pakistan tired hard and narrowed score difference. Pakistan got time out, and then brought score difference to one by 23-24, which pushed Bahrain to call a timeout. Player number 13 of Bahrain was hitting a sharp spike and with 25-23 Bahrain took the set.

The third set showed good face to Pakistan team. They made scores tie at 3, 4, 6 and 16. The serving efficiency by Bahrain proved the biggest difference. Pakistan’s reception was not perfect.  Bahrain finished the set by 25-22.

Player number 13 named ALNABHAN JASIM became the best scorer of the game with 18 points, while Pakistan’s player number 8 KHAN Aimal with 10 won points, became the best scorer of his team.

Ahmed Nasser, Capitan player of Pakistan said, “This is not our level. We have not got all of our main players to this tournament. Our first setter and first receiver are not with us, As you noticed, I was playing in reception position.”

Hassan Mazhar, head coach of Pakistan noted, “I do not have more words and I admit sayings of our Capitan player.”

It should be added that Pakistan had declared their withdraw from the tournament to Iran Volleyball Federation with a formal letter previously, but when they noticed AVC would impose fine and penalty for them, they changed decision and dispatched team to Tehran.

Bahrain’s head coach Nezar Alshakili said, “Pakistan has good ranking in Asia. Their players have good mentality and good physical  shape of body. But they did not play as good as we were expecting. Now we have a good chance. Last match will be with Iran team as a good team in good level. We do not know what will happen in the court.”

Fadhel Mohamed, Capitan player of Bahrain said, “Pakistan was not ready for the tournament .We were not expecting them to play in this weak level. They have good volleyball.”

Iran sweeps Indonesia 3-0

Iran swept Indonesia 3-0 (25-12,25-20,25-11) for achieving his second win. Host team started with stormy spikes and defence leading scores 4-0. Indonesia asked for time out and then got the first point with a lucky let served by Arash Keshavarzi. But Iran players pushed power to the game and were leading 8-4. Indonesian players were not having good coordination and team unity, just getting points by individual skills and Iran players’ mistakes. Iran continued his leading by spikes, double and triple blocks to 20-10. Head coach of Indonesia called the second time out, but no big difference. Iran quickly finished the set in 25-12.

The second set started with a close situation. Scores came to a 3 tie. But Iran gradually by spikes went ahead and made scores 8-4. From then on, Iran players became not so concentrated and precise. Careless spikes and service gave chance to Indonesian team for shortening the gap of scores to 12-16. Again Iran team regained control of match and took the set in 25-20.

Iran started the third set with full concentration and never give their opponent any chance. With Shahram mahmoudi’s ace service, Iran ended the set at 25-11 and clinched their second win in a row.

“Iran volleyball is very powerful. I would like to thank Iran team, Defence and service of them were perfect and precise. We learned a lot from them in this match,” said Ayip Rizal, captain player of Indonesia.

“Single, double and triple blocks of Iran were very good. We will use those points that we learned from the host team in our Asian games in the future. Yesterday we did not play well, but today we performed a good volleyball with fighting spirit, ” said Ibarsjah Djanu, head coach of Indonesia.

Mehdi Mahdavi, capitan player of Iran said, “As you know I’m not the main capitan player. Our capitan Saeed Marouf is having rest and recovery. I can say that, playing with such teams is difficult. They do not have special tactic, so they have nothing to lose, just struggling to play well without any stress. Our goal was having concentration with less mistakes. Except first several points of second set, we played well. Block was our main goal.”  Regarding next match with Bahrain team, he said, “Bahrain is the most powerful team among guest teams. Certainly we would perform well with them . We want to be the top team and achieve the ticket of world championship.”

Julio Velasco, head coach of Iran said, “The game was not very difficult for my players. We did block very well. We wanted to blow simple services so those were simple. As Mehdi (MAHDAVI) said in first and third set we were good. Tomorrow we will do our best in front of Bahrain.  They have not gave any set to the opponents either as my team. Just after this conference we will sit together and would analyse their play for getting good preparation.”

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